PHOTO: Cassius Clark claimed his third Pro All Star Series North win of the 2012 season at Oxford Plains Speedway in the Dunkin’ Donuts 150. (T.J. Ingerson/VMM photo)

–by T.J. Ingerson

OXFORD, Maine — Cassius Clark made a statement Saturday night at Oxford Plains Speedway that the Pro All Star Series Championship will go through the Farmington, Maine driver.

Clark took advantage of a late race restart and claimed his third win of the 2012 season in the Dunkin’ Donuts 150.

“It’s back to where we use to be,” Clark said. “The Height’s are pretty pumped up and put a lot into it this year. There was no reason we shouldn’t be winning races. This early, winning three, is pretty good. I can’t happier about that.”

A caution flew on lap 128 as the cars D.J. Shaw and Alan Wilson tangled on the fronstretch, allowing Clark to be put to the outside of Kyle DeSouza, who appeared to be fading. The veteran Clark jumped out to the lead on the restart, and had to maintain his lead as Trevor Sanborn and Derek Ramstrom began to run him down.

“The 88 (of DeSouza) got out to quite a lead there when I got into second,” Clark said. “He started fading a little bit, and I thought the race was going to go green so I used quite a bit of (the car) up to catch him. Then the caution came out and on the restart was able to get by him and got a pretty good lead. I thought we were going to sail away there and a bunch of laps cars kind of got jumbled up. That allowed (Sanborn and Ramstrom) to catch us a little bit. I knew (Sanborn) wasn’t going to barrel me down the fronstretch, so if I hold my line, I knew I’d be alright.”

Sanborn, of East Parsonsfield, Maine, finished second while Worcester, Mass.’s Ramstrom finished third. DeSouza, of East Providence, R.I., hung on for third while American-Canadian Tour racer and race polesitter Brian Hoar, of Williston, Vt., finished fifth. Scott Mulkern, Glen Luce, D.J. Shaw, Mike Rowe, and Dan Colby completed the unofficial top ten finishers.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS — Dunkin’ Donuts 150
Pro All Stars Series North — Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine
Saturday, July 21, 2011


1. (12) Cassius Clark, Farmington, Maine
2. (7) Trevor Sanborn, East Paronsfield, Maine
3. (19) Derek Ramstrom, Worcester, Mass.
4. (2) Kyle DeSouza, East Providence, R.I.
5. (1) Brian Hoar, Williston, Vt.
6. (20) Scott Mulkern, Falmouth, Maine
7. (3) Glen Luce, Turner, Maine
8. (17) D.J. Shaw, Center Conway, N.H.
9. (16) Mike Rowe, Turner, Maine
10. (26) Dan Colby, Lyman, N.H.
11. (14) Scott Dragon, Milton, Vt.
12. (18) Gary Smith, Bangor, Maine
13. (13) Johnny Clark, Hallowell, Maine
14. (11) Travis Benjamin, Morrill, Maine
15. (29) Joey Doiron, Berwick, Maine
16. (6) Lonnie Sommerville, St. Johns, N.B.
17. (9) Donnie Whitten, Wells, Maine
18. (15) Tony Ricci, Westbrook, Maine
19. (5) Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., Hudson, N.H.
20. (22) Alan Wilson, Herbon, Maine
21. (30) Matt Matheson, Geary, N.B.
22. (10) Ben Rowe, Turner, Maine
23. (31) Matt Harris, Fredericton Junction, N.B.
24. (24) Scott Chubbuck, Dresden, Maine
25. (4) Andy Shaw, Center Conway, N.H.
26. (8) John Donahue, Graniteville, Vt.
27. (28) Dustin Hubbard, Unity, Maine
28. (21) Bryan Kruczek, Newmarket, N.H.
29. (23) Kevin Roberge, Levis, Que.
30. (25) J.T. Thurlow, Windham, Maine
31. (27) Kirk Thibeau, Forth Fairfield, Maine