Kingsbury claims third Coupe win; Miller holds off Porter for Four Cylinder triumph

–by T.J. Ingerson (@TJIngerson)
VMM Editor

BRADFORD — D.J. Robinson didn’t let a part-time 2018 schedule slow him down on Saturday night at Bear Ridge Speedway.

In just his eighth start this season, the Sharon driver shook off his involvement in a massive lap ten pileup on the backstretch that collected over half of the 18-car field to take the lead just six laps later and claimed his first win of the season.

The win for Robinson was his first since June, 2017.

“We got a little bit lucky there with that pileup on the backstretch,” Robinson said. “The car was working real well on the outside.”

Robinson started the Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified 40-lap Swenson Insurance-sponsored feature event from the 14th position and had cracked into the top-ten by a lap nine restart.

As the field exited off of turn two on the tenth lap, the field would stack up from the fifth position and collected nearly every car from there on the backstretch, which include top point drivers Robert Tucker and Kevin Chaffee.

Robinson left the scene with marginal damage and would restart in the fifth position. From there, Robinson made quick work around the outside into the second position by lap 15 before he ran to the outside of race leader Mike Ryan to claim the lead on lap 16.

From there, Robinson would be forced to hold off second place point driver Chaffee through seven race restarts — six of those with point leader Tucker in third — to claim the win.

Chaffee would challenge Robinson on the inside briefly after each restart, but Robinson was able to use the topside of the quarter-mile clay oval to pull away. The hometown driver would finish second, but unofficially take over the point lead.

“I could get to (Robinson),” Chaffee said, “but I just didn’t have anything for him.”

Tucker, of Bradford, settled for third after a stiff challenge from Jordan Fornwalt, who settled for fourth. Matt Lashua completed the top-five finishers.

Defending champion Derek Graham battled back from apparent significant damage in the lap 10 incident to finish sixth while Ryan Christian finished seventh. Terry Williams hopped a ride in an Adam Pierson-piloted Modified after a heat race incident to finish eighth with Steven Flint ninth. Richie Simmons completed the top-ten finishers in tenth.

Unofficially, Chaffee will take a one-point advantage over Tucker with just five point-counting races remaining.

Tad Kingsbury earned his third Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe feature in their 30-lap event.

The Corinth driver slipped up the inside past Bob Kilburn and Kevin Dickinson to go from third to first in just under two laps to take the lead for keeps on lap eight. From there, Kingsbury would hold off challenges from Earl Maxham and Gene Pierson Jr. through three race restarts to claim the checkered flag.

Pierson, of East Corinth, finished second with Todd Hayward third. Tanner Siemons and point leader Melvin Pierson finished fourth and fifth, respectively, while Dickinson and Maxham finished sixth and seventh, respectively. Jason Horniak battled back from a lap 12 flip to finish eighth while Matt Ellsworth and Chris LaForest completed the top-ten finishers.

Unofficially, Melvin Pierson extended his point lead to 50 points over Chris LaForest with five point counting races remaining.

Will Hull rode to his fourth Laquerre’s Sport USAC Dirt Midget Association win of the season in their 25-lap feature.

The Plainfield driver started third and quickly moved into the second position by lap five. A restart on that same lap when point leader Jason Goff spun in turn one saw Hull restart second and ran past race leader Joe Krawiec by turn three.

Warren’s Adam Whitney finished second while most recent feature winner Derek O’Hearn drove from an 11th place starting position to finish third. Krawiec settled for fourth while second place point driver Seth Carlson completed the top-five finishers.

Goff bounced back from another spin to finish sixth with Justin Phillips seventh. Jeff Horn, Bobby White, and Randy Higginson completed the top-ten finishers.

Unofficially, Goff will carry a five-point advantage into the Midgets’ race on Friday, August 17 at Albany-Saratoga Speedway.

Kelly Miller Jr. held off Jason Porter over the second half of the 20-lap Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinder to claim his first win of the season.

The Johnson driver kept the second place point driver Porter at bay over the course of the second half of the event. Miller had sealed the bottom groove of the race track and forced Porter to search for a way around Miller using the outside.

Porter, of Freeport, Maine, settled for second with Bobby Bell third. Point leader Danny Doyle and rookie Garrett Brown completed the top-five finishers.

Unofficially, Doyle will see his point lead be cut to just one point over Porter with just five races remaining.

Ryan Christian netted his tenth C.A. Miller Limited Late Model win in their 20-lap feature.

It was the Canaan, N.H. driver’s seventh straight victory in the division.

The win, however, did not come easy for Christian as he had to make a late pass on race leader John Neddo. Christian worked to Neddo’s inside on lap 16 and took the lead for keeps on lap 18.

Neddo, of Barre, finished second while Walt Hammond Jr. finished third. Kelly Miller Sr. and Nicholas Longley completed the top-five finishers.

Sam Comeau of Hebron, N.H. won the 25-lap Wingless Auto Club feature over Jamie Glidden, Mark Cole, Doug McPhail, and Wade Prentice.

Bear Ridge Speedway continues its 2018 season on Saturday, August 18 on Sabil & Sons Old Timers Night. The Sprint Cars of New England will compete at the quarter-mile oval. Post time is 6:00pm.

PHOTO: D.J. Robinson (4), seen earlier this season at Bear Ridge Speedway, picked up his first Sportsman Modified win of the season at the quarter-mile clay oval. (Alan Ward photo)

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS — Swenson Insurance Night
Bear Ridge Speedway, Bradford, Vt.
Saturday, August 11, 2018

(# – denotes rookie)

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds (40 laps)
1. D.J. Robinson, Sharon
2. Kevin Chaffee, Bradford
3. Robert Tucker, Bradford
4. Jordan Fornwalt, Bradford
5. Matt Lashua, Canaan, N.H.
6. Derek Graham, Woodsville, N.H.
7. Ryan Christian, Canaan, N.H.
8. Terry Williams, Wells River
9. Steven Flint, Orange
10. Richie Simmons, Bradford

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes (30 laps)
1. Tad Kingsbury, Corinth
2. Gene Pierson Jr., East Corinth
3. Todd Hayward, Bradford
4. Tanner Siemons, Orford, N.H.
5. Melvin Pierson, Corinth
6. Kevin Dickinson, Canaan, N.H.
7. Earl Maxham, Enfield, N.H.
8. Jason Horniak, Bradford
9. Matt Ellsworth, Corinth
10. Chris LaForest, Barre

Laquerre’s Sport USAC Dirt Midget Association (25 laps)
1. Will Hull, Plainfield
2. Adam Whitney, Warren
3. Derek O’Hearn, Bristol, N.H.
4. Joe Krawiec, Bristol, Conn.
5. Seth Carlson, Attleboro, Mass.
6. Jason Goff, Preston Hollow, N.Y.
7. Justin Phillips, West Suffield, Conn.
8. Jeff Horn, Ashland, Mass.
9. Bobby White, Hull, Mass.
10. Randy Higginson, Waterbury, Conn.

Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders (20 laps)
1. Kelly Miller Jr., Johnson
2. Jason Porter, Freeport, Maine
3. Bobby Bell, St. Johnsbury
4. Danny Doyle, Rochester
5. Garrett Brown, Concord

C.A. Miller Limited Late Models (20 laps)
1. Ryan Christian, Canaan, N.H.
2. John Neddo, Barre
3. Walt Hammond Jr., Canaan, N.H.
4. Kelly Miller Sr., Elmore
5. Nicholas Longley, Tamworth, N.H.

Wingless Auto Club (25 laps)
1. Sam Comeau, Hebron, N.H.
2. Jamie Glidden, Campton, N.H.
3. Mark Cole, Lebanon, N.H.
4. Doug McPhail, Tilton, N.H.
5. Wade Prentice, Campton, N.H.