Maxham wins Brass Ring Challenge; Childs, Durkee extend point leads

BRADFORD — Richie Simmons was an unlikely winner on Saturday night at Bear Ridge Speedway.

The Bradford driver has shown he is more than a capable winner on the quarter-mile clay oval — he’s visited victory lane once already this season and has consistently driven from the rear of the field to the front.

Simmons, however, became an unlikely winner after he nearly destroyed his No. 34 machine on Tuesday night at Albany-Saratoga Speedway after he barrel rolled down the backstretch. Simmons was uninjured, but the team was forced to spent countless hours fixing the car.

On Saturday night in the 40-lap Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified feature, Simmons drove from a back-of-the-field starting position and held off reigning Sportsman Modified champion Adam Pierson to claim the win.

Pierson, who has earned multiple wins this season with the USAC ARDC Midget Series, finished second with Terry Williams third. Rookie Stephen Lary and Mike Ryan completed the top-five finishers.

Ryan Christian, Todd Buckwold, Watler J. Hammond, point leader Derek Graham, and Wayne Stearns finished sixth through tenth.

Unofficially, Williams will take over the point lead after his third place finish by three points over Graham. With his win, Simmons his deficit to just six points back of Williams, while second place point driver Robert Tucker fell to fourth, 27-points back of Simmons. Todd Buckwold is currently in fifth, just three points back of Tucker.

Earl Maxham claimed his second Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupe win of the season in their 30-lap event.

The Enfield, N.H. driver also earned an $800 bonus for the caution-free event as part of the Brass Ring Challenge.

Hometown racer Thomas Placey finished second with fellow Bradford racer Brian Chaffee third. Tanner Siemons and Matt Ellsworth completed the top-five finishers with Chris LaForest, Jeremy Beckley, Gene Pierson Jr., point leader Jason Colbeth, and Todd Hayward sixth through tenth.

Unofficially, Colbeth saw his lead slip to just eight point over Chaffee in the Sportsman Coupe standings with Hayward in third, 14-points shy of Chaffee. Pierson, Placey, and Melvin Pierson sit within striking distance in the fourth through sixth positions.

Division point leader Wayland Childs of Chelsea earned his sixth win of the season in the C.A. Miller Limited Late Model feature.

Ryan Christian of Canaan, N.H. finished second with Dougie Boucher third. Bryan Campbell and Travis Smith completed the top-five finishers.

Jesse Durkee of South Royalton extended his point lead in the Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders as he claimed his fourth feature win of the season.

Jason Porter finished second with Kelly Miller third. Steve Bell and second place point driver Buddy Welch completed the top-five finishers.

Bear Ridge Speedway continues its 50th season celebration on Saturday, August 26 with Dead River Oil co. Night, plus the Granite State Mini Sprints. Post time is set for 6:00pm.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS — Sabil & Sons Old Timers Night
Bear Ridge Speedway, Bradford, Vt.
Saturday, August 19, 2017

(# — denotes rookie)

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds (40 laps)
1. Richie Simmons, Bradford
2. Adam Pierson, East Corinth
3. Terry Williams, Wells River
4. # Stephen Lary, Canaan, N.H.
5. # Mike Ryan, Chelsea
6. Ryan Christian, Canaan, N.H.
7. Todd Buckwold, Canaan, N.H.
8. # Walter J. Hammond, Canaan, N.H.
9. Derek Graham, Woodsville, N.H.
10. Wayne Stearns, Bradford

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes (30 laps)
1. Earl Maxham, Enfield, N.H.
2. Thomas Placey, Bradford
3. Brian Chaffee, Bradford
4. # Tanner Siemons, Orford, N.H.
5. Matt Ellsworth, Corinth
6. Chris LaForest, Barre
7. Jeremy Beckley, Woodsville, N.H.
8. Gene Pierson Jr., East Corinth
9. Jason Colbeth, Newbury
10. Todd Hayward, Bradford

C.A. Miller Limited Late Models (20 laps)
1. Wayland Childs, Chelsea
2. Ryan Christian, Canaan, N.H.
3. Doug Boucher, Orange, N.H.
4. Bryan Campbell, Barre
5. Travis Smith, Lebanon, N.H.

Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders (20 laps)
1. Jesse Durkee, South Royalton
2. Jason Porter, Freeport, Maine
3. Kelly Miller, Johnson
4. Steve Bell, Danville
5. Buddy Welch, East Corinth
6. Sean Perron, Sharon
7. # David Durkee Jr., Hartland
8. Rodney Davis, Wilder
9. # Wayne LaBree, Hardwick
10. Shane Stygles, Piermont, N.H.

PHOTO: Richie Simmons (34) races ahead of Adam Pierson (15) and Derek Graham (10) en route to victory on Saturday night at Bear Ridge Speedway. (Alan Ward photo)