Childs, Welch claim third wins in Limited Late Models, Four Cylinders

–by T.J. Ingerson (@TJIngerson)
VMM Editor

BRADFORD – Tyler Stygles added to the family legacy on Saturday night at Bear Ridge Speedway.

The hometown driver went wire-to-wire to score his first career Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupe feature.

Stygles started on the pole position and held a comfortable lead through the first half of the event. A restart just before the midway point of the Wells River Savings Bank 30-lap event, however, put top runners Brian Chaffee, Gene Pierson Jr., Melvin Pierson, and defending champion Jason Horniak within striking distance.

The two-time Fast Four champion Stygles would set the pace over the next 16 laps while Chaffee kept pressure up. However, Stygles would not let Chaffee around and claimed his first checkered flag win in the legendary division.

“Last week, we went off on the wrecker so this is a lot better,” Stygles said in victory lane. “This is my first visit to victory lane and I hope there is more to come.”

Chaffee would settle for second with Gene Pierson third. Melvin Pierson and Matt Ellsworth finished fourth and fifth with Horniak sixth and Jeremy Beckley seventh. Thomas Placey finished eighth in the borrowed Derrick Stearns car while Danny Doyle and Chris LaForest completed the top-ten finishers.

Robert Tucker inherited the Sportsman Modified win for his second career win in the division. (Alan Ward photo)Robert Tucker saw a potential victory go away on track with a late race caution flag moments after he took the lead in the 40-lap Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modified feature, but he would inherit the win when on track victor Trevor Rocke was disqualified in post-race technical inspection.

Rocke, who led the event from lap six, was found to be in violation of rule 15.1.6-A of the 2017 DIRTcar Rulebook, which partially states “Only stock OEM distributors will be permitted.” Rocke admitted in a Facebook posting late Saturday night that he was unaware of a rule change for the 2017 season and took responsibility for the disqualification.

For Tucker, it was his second career Sportsman Modified win. His first win came over two years ago in 2015.

Jordan Fornwalt of Bradford moved into the second spot while Rocke’s cousin, Todd Buckwold, inherited the final spot on the podium. Richie Simmons and Terry Williams completed the top-five finishers.

Point leader Derek Graham rallied from an early race incident to finish sixth with Allam Hammond seventh. Last week’s feature winner Walter J. Hammond, Josh Currier, and Mike Dunn completed the top-ten finishers.

Wayland Childs held off a hard charging Ryan Christian on the final lap to win to claim fourth C.A. Miller Limited Late Model feature win in their 20-lap event.

John Neddo was closeby in third with Bryan Campbell on Neddo’s bumper in fourth. Kevin Dickinson completed the top-five finishers.

Buddy Welch held off a hard charging Bobby Bell to claim his third Weglarz Property Service Four Cylidner win in their 20-lap feature. Bell, of St. Johnsbury, finished second with Steve Bell of Danville third. Jason Porter and Dave Durkee completed the top-five finishers.

James Shufelt of Sutton won the 75-lap Enduro.

Bear Ridge Speedway will celebrate the Independence Holiday weekend with a big event on Saturday, July 2. The O’Reilly Auto Parts sponsored event will feature the three-segment Modified “Madness” event along with the Sprint Cars of New England and USAC Dirt Midget Association. Post time is set for 6:00pm.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – Wells River Savings Bank Night
Bear Ridge Speedway, Bradford, Vt.
Saturday, June 24, 2017

(# — denotes rookie)

Sabil & Sons DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds (40 laps)
1. Robert Tucker, West Topsham
2. Jordan Fornwalt, Bradford
3. Todd Buckwold, Canaan, N.H.
4. Richie Simmons, Bradford
5. Terry Williams, Wells River
6. Derek Graham, Woodsville, N.H.
7. Allan Hammond, Canaan, N.H.
8. Walter J. Hammond, Canaan, N.H.
9. Josh Currier, Newport, N.H.
10. Mike Dunn, North Haverhill, N.H.
DQ – Trevor Rocke, Canaan, N.H.

Wells River Chevrolet DIRTcar Sportsman Coupes (30 laps)
1. Tyler Stygles, Bradford
2. Brian Chaffee, Bradford
3. Gene Pierson Jr., Corinth
4. Melvin Pierson, Corinth
5. Matt Ellsworth, Corinth
6. Jason Horniak, Bradford
7. Jeremy Beckley, Woodsville, N.H.
8. Thomas Placey, Bradford
9. Danny Doyle, Rochester
10. Chris LaForest, Barre

C.A. Miller Limited Late Models (20 laps)
1. Wayland Childs, Chelsea
2. Ryan Christian, Canaan, N.H.
3. John Neddo, Barre
4. Bryan Campbell, Barre
5. Kevin Dickinson, Canaan, N.H.

Weglarz Property Service Four Cylinders (20 laps)
1. Buddy Welch, East Corinth
2. Bobby Bell, St. Johnsbury
3. Steve Bell, Danville
4. Jason Porter, Freeport, Maine
5. Dave Durkee, South Royalton

1 – Tyler Stygles celebrates his first career Sportsman Coupe win on Saturday night at Bear Ridge Speedway. (Alan Ward photo)
2 – Robert Tucker inherited the Sportsman Modified win for his second career win in the division. (Alan Ward photo)