–by T.J. Ingerson (@TJIngerson)
VMM Editor

WENTWORTH, N.H. – Chris Clark walked away uninjured after a violent flip in the second Sprint Cars of New England feature on Friday night at Legion Speedway.

The Vershire, Vt. driver saw his left-front tire clip the right-rear tire on Luke Greenwood’s car on the frontstretch shortly after the start/finish line that resulted in the No. 03 car of Clark being launced into the air. Greenwood had slowed briefly as he was battling with Richie Simmons for position on the track.

Clark’s car would land on its wheels, but at a slight angle and began to barrel roll immediately. The car would complete one revolution before the car’s roof made contact with the turn one wall on the next revolution. Clark’s car came to an immediate stop right side up and the red flag was immediately displayed by race officials.

Greenwood’s car would spin down into turn one with heavy wing damage. As the cars came to a stop, Greenwood immediately exited his vehicle and began to sprint toward that of Clark’s. Clark, however, had stepped out of his car even before track safety personnel had gotten to him from the short distance required.

“I’m fine,” Clark said after the incident. “It was just dusty. I didn’t see (Greenwood) until it was just dark. And then the next thing I see was that I was on him. I just closed on him way too fast.”

Clark had led the first nine laps of the feature event and lifted for an apparent erroneous caution light, which allowed Tyler Austin to move by for the lead.

“The yellow light came on in (turn) three,” Clark said. “I lifted off and (Tyler Austin) went flying by. I got back on the throttle, but by then, it was too late.”

Clark admitted that the car is likely too badly damaged to be repaired after his flip on Friday night.

He also experienced a flip one week ago at Bear Ridge Speedway.

PHOTO: Chris Clark’s car comes to rest in turn one after a wild flip on Friday night at Legion Speedway in Sprint Cars of New England action. (T.J. Ingerson/VMM photo)