PHOTO: There may be some changes here at Vermont Motorsports Magazine, but you will still be seeing us at the races providing the same, great coverage. (T.J. Ingerson/VMM Photo)

— by T.J. Ingerson
VMM Editor

You usually find these words having a technical motif to them, talking about the inner workings of a race car, breaking down a technical controversy, or discussing the latest rule changes happening around the region. But, today, it will take on a different theme.

I can’t thank Justin enough for the opportunity he gave me a year ago to be part of the VMM team. It started with a text message and has turned into something I could have never imaged. His offerings to me over this year have been extremely valuable to me on all levels.

Even though we are transitioning and I am now the head guy, you, the readers, can expect the same great coverage that has been given. Justin’s effort is second to none and I will strive to give the same effort he has given to make Vermont Motorsports Magazine continue and grow in the same form it has for the past three years. Simply, there may be a change, but the coverage here will still be the same. You’ll still be seeing us at race tracks around the northeast, covering what is important to you.

The best part is we’re not letting Justin get too far away. He’ll still pen ‘The Juice’ on occasion and still be a great contributor to the website.

Thank you Justin for this opportunity, you surely won’t be disappointed. I wish you well in your new endeavors.


Ricky St. Clair, aka Ricky Smooth, offered these special thoughts about Justin and the future.

I was approached by Justin St. Louis in March of 2011 to take a full-time correspondent job at his stock car racing website Vermont Motorsports Magazine.

Being a print journalism major and an avid fan of his site that provided in-depth auto racing coverage from Vermont and around the Northeast, I couldn’t help but to accept his invitation.

After six and a half months, 39 events at ten race tracks in five respective states, and a surplus of long car rides, Justin and I established a special friendship that I’m sure some would envy.

He taught me how to have confidence, communicate effectively with my peers, and, most importantly, educate me on the journalistic significance of why we do what we do.

Not only did Justin mentor me in the world of journalism, but life in general. I value that advice. In fact, I’ve used it as stepping stone during my transition to Plattsburgh State where I am currently writing for the school newspaper – The Cardinal Points.

When I learned of Justin stepping aside as managing editor at VMM, I couldn’t find a better word to describe how I felt about the situation than bittersweet.

Some opportunities don’t come up more than once in lifetime and his new role at Devil’s Bowl Speedway is one he just couldn‘t pass up. The guy is an aspiring young writer with an incredible understanding of how the world of short track racing works. Mike and Alayne Bruno couldn’t have selected a better candidate than Juice. (I feel like that’s the first time I’ve ever addressed him as Juice. Hey, now I can’t get fired.)

I congratulate T.J. Ingerson with his new editor position at the MotorMag. We’ll be back in 2012 bringing you the fans the best racing coverage possible.

Here at VMM we have an inside joke calling him “Terrible T.J.”, but he’s really anything but terrible. T.J.’s more than capable of helping the website continue to grow and succeed. I’m looking forward to working for him in the upcoming future.

Justin took a chance on a baby faced 20-year-old college student who was less than experienced in the field and had an arrogant perspective on local short track racing. I can’t thank him enough for taking that risk and giving me the opportunity to be apart of this special thing we’ve got going.

I couldn’t make myself believe it was actually the real Justin St. Louis that was sending me an email in March of 2011 asking me to be apart of his award winning website. Now, I’m honored to say he’s become one of my best friends.

I’ll see you all at the races.

–Ricky St. Clair


As Justin alluded to in The Juice, the changes will be minimal. One of the changes, however, will be the introduction of a new twitter account that is specific to Vermont Motorsports Magazine.

The new twitter account, @VMMUpdates, will provide you with new stories posted to VMM, updates from the events we will cover and attend, any breaking news, and other bits of information we want to pass along.

It will be the same information that has been passed along to you previously, now streamlined under one account.


Again, stick around this place. I thank Justin, and you the readers, for the opportunity to continue to bring great coverage that have been given here the past three years. I hope to make you all proud.

See you at the races.