PHOTO: Go ahead and try to convince us that you’re not even a little bit intimidated by Modifieds. We’re gonna go see ’em on Friday at Lee USA. (Justin St. Louis/VMM photo)

-by Justin St. Louis
VMM Editor

Hey there, campers. So, not a whole lotta time this week for rambling, but I’ve got some stuff on my mind. Here goes…


I don’t hate Thunder Road or anyone that works there.

Last week’s column was not in any way propaganda that the place sucks. It doesn’t. In fact, I said in a radio interview this morning that even as critical as I was in “The Juice” last week about the promotional side of Thunder Road, the reality is this: Thunder Road could fall a lot farther down and still be the one of the best short tracks in the country.

I share my positive opinions and praise the place all the time on VMM and elsewhere, but I’m also willing to go on record to say when there are things that can be improved upon.

Thunder Road isn’t the only track in the area that has seen a decline recently, it’s just the most obvious one because, well, it’s Thunder Road.


All that having been said, the racing at Thunder Road these last few weeks has been outstanding. Monday’s Late Model race — from start to finish — was one of the best weekly-level races I’ve seen in a few years.

The asphalt might be worn out, sure, but it hasn’t hurt the competition. I’d argue that there ought to be more nights each year — like last week — that Late Model teams are forced to race on old tires, too.


I knew I hired Ricky for a reason. This was all his idea. How freaking cool is that?


I’m excited to get back down to Lee USA Speedway on the New Hampshire seacoast on Friday. Lee is an excellent little race track, and, like Thunder Road has become, a place where tires are key.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series is always fun to watch, and Lee is one of its better tracks. Get down there if you can.

Also, I’m jealous that T.J. gets to go down to watch the ACT Late Models at Twin State on Saturday. But…


…What Chris Donnelly did last Saturday night at Bear Ridge was simply amazing. The same driver winning a Modified race and Sprint Car race on the same night was a first for the track, and Donnelly had a chance for a third win in the final laps of the second Modified feature.

He’s got a chance to repeat the double this Saturday. That’s where I’ll be.


This is the point in the year where I go through the Rolodex in my brain and try to remember the best places to park your car and catch an hour or two of shuteye between races.

The park-and-ride in Berlin just off I-89 is nice at around 3:00am. I’m looking forward to the little pull-off on Route 2 just outside of Lunenburg on my way home from the TD Bank 250 at Oxford in a couple weeks, too.


Devil’s Bowl Speedway is charging admission at just $20 per carload this Sunday. It’s interesting that they’re also holding spectator races that night.

I can just picture six or seven people thumbing for rides after the races because Uncle Frank wadded up the family minivan in Turn 4.

Good times.


I’m happy for Mike Kondrat, Si Allen, and the folks behind Legion Speedway in Rumney, New Hampshire. Let’s hope that this is the end of that track being bounced around like a ping pong ball. I’m tired of trying to re-learn the new name of the track every year.