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Milk Bowl Segment 1 Notes, Finish, Points; Segment 2 Lineup

- Justin St. Louis on 03 Oct 2010

Seth Leavitt of WCAX TV interviews Milk Bowl segment 1 winner Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (Justin St. Louis/VMM photo)PHOTO: Seth Leavitt of WCAX TV interviews Milk Bowl segment 1 winner Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (Justin St. Louis/VMM photo)

The finish of the first 50-lap segment of the People's United Bank Milk Bowl at Thunder Road Int'l Speedbowl, Barre, Vt.:

--Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., passed Brian Hoar on lap 17 to take the lead, then cruised to an easy segment 1 win. Polewarczyk's car spewed water in victory lane, but he said the gauges read only 210 degrees. "The Ford engines run hot regularly, so I'm not worried."

Polewarczyk said that due to the inversion to start the second segment, he will have to be patient in making his way to the front, but that the format change from 50 laps to 75 in the second round will help him. "The second segment has always been my enemy, but the extra 25 laps will be good," Polewarczyk said. "I'll be able to think twice before I make a pass and make a hole in traffic. In the past it was easy to panic and wreck yourself, now we can all take a little more time."

Polewarczyk was excited about his chances for the overall win: "It's awesome to go out and establish yourself in the first segment. The car was awesome, I can't wait for the rest of it."

--Runner-up Brian Hoar's team said their car was loose in the first segment, but they've made changes to get a better handle for the rest of the race.

--Patrick Laperle hit the wall at lap 22, but said his car should be okay for the rest of the day. "The car was very loose even before I hit the wall," he said.

--Scott Payea finished 14th in the first segment after an early scuffle with Ben Rowe. Payea said the toe was knocked out on his car, but none of the damage was bad enough to slow the car down.

"The car was great, even after that hit," Payea said. "I think we're good enough to win the second segment and get back in this thing. That's the plan."

Segment 1 finish:

Pos Car No. Driver
1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
2 37VT Brian Hoar
3 26VT John Donahue
4 55VT Brent Dragon
5 7VT Eric Williams
6 15VT Joey Laquerre
7 18VT Jamie Fisher
8 91QC Patrick Laperle
9 44VT Dave Pembroke
10 55NH Brad Leighton
11 7ME Glen Luce
12 8VT Rich Lowrey
13 14VT Phil Scott
14 89VT Scott Payea
15 42VT Matt White
16 32VT Jean-Paul Cyr
17 78NH Quinny Welch
18 05VT Craig Bushey
19 16NH Travis Fadden
20 41VT Pete Potvin, III
21 10NH Ben Rowe
22 68VT Brooks Clark
23 6VT Cris Michaud
24 57ME Austin Theriault
25 00VT Mike Bailey
26 02NH Randy Potter
27 81VT Grant Folsom
28 75VT Pete Fecteau
29 12VT Reno Gervais
30 16NY Mark Lamberton

Segment point tally:
Pos Car No. Driver Seg.1 Seg.2 Seg.3 TOTAL POINTS
1 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 1 1
2 37VT Brian Hoar 2 2
3 26VT John Donahue 3 3
4 55VT Brent Dragon 4 4
5 7VT Eric Williams 5 5
6 15VT Joey Laquerre 6 6
7 18VT Jamie Fisher 7 7
8 91QC Patrick Laperle 8 8
9 44VT Dave Pembroke 9 9
10 55NH Brad Leighton 10 10
11 7ME Glen Luce 11 11
12 8VT Rich Lowrey 12 12
13 14VT Phil Scott 13 13
14 89VT Scott Payea 14 14
15 42VT Matt White 15 15
16 32VT Jean-Paul Cyr 16 16
17 78NH Quinny Welch 17 17
18 05VT Craig Bushey 18 18
19 16NH Travis Fadden 19 19
20 41VT Pete Potvin, III 20 20
21 10NH Ben Rowe 21 21
22 68VT Brooks Clark 22 22
23 6VT Cris Michaud 23 23
24 57ME Austin Theriault 24 24
25 00VT Mike Bailey 25 25
26 02NH Randy Potter 26 26
27 81VT Grant Folsom 27 27
28 75VT Pete Fecteau 28 28
29 12VT Reno Gervais 29 29
30 16NY Mark Lamberton 30 30

Segment 2 starting lineup
Pos Car No. Driver
1 16NY Mark Lamberton
2 12VT Reno Gervais
3 75VT Pete Fecteau
4 81VT Grant Folsom
5 02NH Randy Potter
6 00VT Mike Bailey
7 57ME Austin Theriault
8 6VT Cris Michaud
9 68VT Brooks Clark
10 10NH Ben Rowe
11 41VT Pete Potvin, III
12 16NH Travis Fadden
13 05VT Craig Bushey
14 78NH Quinny Welch
15 32VT Jean-Paul Cyr
16 42VT Matt White
17 89VT Scott Payea
18 14VT Phil Scott
19 8VT Rich Lowrey
20 7ME Glen Luce
21 55NH Brad Leighton
22 44VT Dave Pembroke
23 91QC Patrick Laperle
24 18VT Jamie Fisher
25 15VT Joey Laquerre
26 7VT Eric Williams
27 55VT Brent Dragon
28 26VT John Donahue
29 37VT Brian Hoar
30 97NH Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.

Season Complete


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Barre, Vt.

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Peacham, Vt.

Allen Lumber Street Stock
Williamstown, Vt.

Junkyard Warrior
Cabot, Vt.

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