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The Juice

THE JUICE: Free Pit Stops, Come And Get ‘Em!

- Justin St. Louis on 08 Jul 2010

While pit stop rules may have changed for this year's TD Bank 250, strategy likely won't. (VMM photo)

-by Justin St. Louis
VMM Editor

Oxford Plains Speedway has lifted a long-standing rule that allows cars competing in the TD Bank 250 to lose a lap under caution, even though caution laps have never counted toward the complete race distance.

The purpose of the rule -- and I completely understand and embrace this -- was to implement pit strategy and urgency into the race and add extra elements of drama, while not sacrificing the advertised 250-lap distance.

What I have never been able to wrap my head around, though, is this: If caution laps don’t count for cars on the track, why should they count for cars in the pits? Read Full Story

THE JUICE: Right At Home, Even Away

- Justin St. Louis on 01 Jul 2010

From the glitz of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to the grassroots of the ACT Late Model Tour, VMM was right at home last weekend

It was a long, interesting weekend for Vermont Motorsports Magazine, one that had many more highs than lows, one that mixed racing worlds, one that kept this writer thinking all week long.

The experience as a whole was so different from the regular weekly grind, yet so much the same, at least from a journalistic point of view. Read Full Story


"I don’t care what kind of car it is. If it’s got four tires and steering wheel, I’ll drive it." --Nick Sweet

"I want a championship next year, that’s what I want. I’m gonna get it next year. If I run the full season, I’m gonna get it." --Modified Racing Series driver Steve Masse

"I’ve never had a season where we’ve had this number of podium finishes. Never. And I dare say nobody else has, either." --ACT champion Brian Hoar

"It’s crazy to think that however many years ago I was sitting in the stands up here watching my dad trying to make the race and now we’re in victory lane." --Milk Bowl winner Joey Polewarczyk

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