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JACKSTANDS: Bienvenue au Canada

Posted By Tj Ingerson On August 9, 2012

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The American-Canadian Tour makes it's return to Sanair Super Speedway in St. Pie, Quebec this Saturday night. (Leif Tillotson photo)PHOTO: The American-Canadian Tour makes it's return to Sanair Super Speedway in St. Pie, Quebec this Saturday night. (Leif Tillotson photo)

--by T.J. Ingerson
VMM Editor

Saying this weekend’s American-Canadian Tour event at Sanair Super Speedway is a wild card event may be the biggest understatement of the season. The track has sat dormant for many years to competition and hasn’t been a fixture on the tour. It doesn’t give much, if any, room for familiarity.

Brian Hoar won a pair of Sanair races back in 1993, but hasn’t visited the track since his championship winning year in 1998. Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., was a 17-year-old second-year ACT racer when the tour visited Sanair in a combination event with the Castrol Series in 2006. Point leader Wayne Helliwell, Jr., had never seen the place before a recent open test session, and second place point runner Austin Theriault has never been there.

And now throw in this monkey wrench: no one has raced at night at Sanair. Ever.

What is different about Sanair in 2006 to this year’s Sanair race is the majority of American-Canadian Tour racers all have adequate big track experience. They’ve been racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for three years now, and top five point drivers in both ACT and ACT Castrol Series ran twice at New Hampshire last year.

My thinking, the race at Sanair should be unpredictable and awesome.

Patrick Laperle had the dominant car the last time at Sanair before a mechanical issue caused him to lose a few laps in the third segment and finished fifth overall. Laperle will be one of the main contenders again this weekend.

Where time is made up at Sanair is through the tricky dog leg. The closer the drivers can be to full throttle through the dogleg, the quicker they will be.

That dogleg can also lead to some wrecks, as two big wrecks happened there in 2006.

I know there are a lot of trepidations about going to Sanair from an amenities standpoint. But, from the pictures released, the staff of Circuit Riverside Speedway appeared to be on the right track to make this event successful.

But racing under the lights on a big track just seems so cool. And VMM will be there to cover it.

* * *

The youth movement at Bear Ridge Speedway gives something the fans should look forward to for years to come.

Jordan Fornwalt may be the best young racer in Vermont right now and showed Saturday night he has the talent and poise to overcome adversity. Fornwalt appeared to have his five race win streak snapped, but a caution flag put Fornwalt back into contention and beat defending champion Tyler Stygles by inches.

Jason Colbeth dominated the 30-lap Sportsman Coupe feature for his first career win, and had Jeremy Beckley and rookie Jesse Smith on top of the podium with him. Josh Sunn and Adam Pierson put on a wonderful battle at the end of the 40-lap DIRTcar Modified feature.

Pierson is arguably one of the top five racers in Vermont right now. If you can, get out to Bear Ridge and see him in action.

The Coupes also have their $6,000 Madness race, where last year saw the famed Bear Ridge runners complete 150 laps.